Ku Nye Therapy


CBD oil massage therapy springfield vermont
CBD Oil used in massage therapy

Ku Nye Therapy is a system of massage and external treatments practiced in the ancient lineage of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. In my practice, I use a plain, allergy safe massage lotion. Essential oils can be added to compliment or balance a client’s constitution. I also offer a treatment with CBD oil (see Rates page). 

Ku Nye Massage includes the use of herbal-infused oils (or lotion) and techniques such as manual tissue manipulation, deep tissue massage, pressure point therapy, and mobilizing the joints. Additions to the massage may include hot or cool compresses, herbal poultices, and heated medicinal oils. Ku Nye Therapy has been an important part of Traditional Tibetan Medicine for many centuries.

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Vermont Massage Therapy

I work with clients from Londonderry, Springfield, Chester, Weathersfield, Ludlow, Bellows Falls, Grafton, Saxtons River and across the river in Charlestown and Claremont, New Hampshire.

I am located in Springfield, Vermont. Clients will be provided address upon confirmation of appointment.

All new client appointments will be made via phone (802) 245-4848.

Current clients may email me at lhpostmassage@gmail.com.