It’s this…but not that…

I hear this frequently from my male clients after their first treatment…it’s sensual but not sexual. Yes, this is correct. The touch, the technique, the intention it’s all deeply sensual without breaking the boundaries of 1) legality and 2) ethics.

What makes it sensual? Everything. The flow. The setting. The way that I show up for you within the space of our time together. My breathe. The warmth of the table. The soft light. This is an intensely curated experience which facilitates deep levels of release and abandon.

Why is this a part of my work? I have done extensive inner work around the Divine Feminine and since my time in Hawai’i studying LomiLomi the Divine Masculine. Through this inner work of my own I have come to realize that both of these frequencies show up, and influence my work in different ways. Both are beautiful, healing, supportive, and transformative. But, it is the presence of the Divine Feminine that makes the technique, the flow, and the touch a deeply sensuous journey into the body. It is the energy of the Goddess in her soft flowing state that creates the safety through which my clients can find release, felt seen, and held in loving tenderness. Blessed Be.