Altar of the Four Elements

There is a place between Earth & Sky. A place where ritual merges with embodiment. Where is this place within you? 

The elements are teachers. 

The messenger carried inside the tools of the Shaman. 

Five tools. Four elements. 

Uniting the self & the wisdom through reflection. I am your guide. I am your mirror. 

What is this journey? A path of discovery. A multi-week dance in unison to bring you clarity. 

This is the first investiture. Phase beta. Who wants to lay down at the Altar Of The Four Elements in reverence & reflection? 

I am looking for 3 pilgrims. Contact me if you’re ready to pay Charon’s obal and cross the river to the wisdom that lies in the underworld of your inner knowing. 

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek ~Joseph Campbell