What is prayer?

Prayer is…

Lighting a candle.

Setting a beautiful table for your gathered loved ones.

Drawing bath for your beloved when they are in a whirlwind of distress.

Sending a card.

Showing up with food when someone is deep in grief.

Driving a friend to their chemo appointment.

Sitting in your car when the world is falling apart around you listening to that one song that brings you peace.

Giving blood.

Tucking a child into bed.

Kissing the boo boo.

Knitting a sweater.

Helping out at the soup kitchen.

Yard work for your elderly neighbor.

Taking the baby for an hour so a new parent can sleep.

Checking on someone you’re worried about.

Running your hands through your lover’s hair.

Expressions of gratitude.

Holding hands.

A hug.

I’ve observed that prayer isn’t about kneeling on my knees and talking to God, though for some, that is exactly what prayer is.

For myself, it’s the small actions we take for others with the intention of Love.

Prayer can be expressed through the smallest moments. All that is needed is pause. A deep breathe in stillness.

In these precious moments of intention that is where prayer shows up.

This is my truth about prayer.

What’s yours?